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Pan Pot chat about performing at the Warehouse Project and their Hyte at Amnesia Ibiza Residency


Pan Pot big

Pan Pot Speak to Dubzy about their performance at the Warehouse Project

Pan-Pot, are a brilliant multi-dimensional Berlin duo currently twisting house and techno fans into rapturous fits. In just a few short years, Pan-Pot—comprised of Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix—have developed a dominate presence amongst the top tier of electronic dance music, with an ascension paralleling the rise of their native label, mobilee records.

Could you (basically) let us know how it all started out for you in the music game?

Tomas and I, we met each other in 2002 in Berlin. We both moved to Berlin; Tomas came from the northeastern part of Germany, I came from the south. Then we met at the S.A.E (the School of Audio Engineering), we have been both in the same kind of music and we started out producing and working on our first release, which we had then in 2004 (I think) on MOOD Records. From finishing school and having our first release, we kind of built our career and worked together since then. Yeah, now we are here!

How would you describe your style from when you first started out and its progression over the years?

Well (basically) when we started working together, it was clearly a genre of minimal Techno; we both come from a more Techno origin and that’s where we kind of developed into it again; from the minimal, more slow stuff, we got into the more straight-up Techno again.

And how did you find it when you started playing at different countries other than Berlin? As berlin is obviously quite of a defying sound, did you find it as you went on Tour, people take the sound really well?

For us it was a relief you know. Because it’s nice to have the chance to play around the globe you know. Because you can see that Berlin has a very define music scene and it’s a bit more narrow and we like to play all kinds of stuff and to experience all kind of crowds and all kind of parties. For us, it was always important to reach a certain level maybe you’re getting booked a lot all around the world you know so we like this experience a lot. Yes.

Would you say that I helped influence the music that you make as well?

Yes, absolutely. Yeah for sure. These are all influences you know. (Basically) you see like for this crowd, this kind of sound works and for somewhere else in another country, another city… different kind of sound works so I kind of opened up on our minds also and it made us go way more (like) free in music and understanding.

Could you give us some advice to people just starting out, wanting to reach those levels; what would you tell the to bear-in-mind?

Errm, a lot of patience (hahaha). Yeah a lot of patience, a lot of discipline, and a lot of self-reflection. If it is something you really want to do and you have to be 150% sure that you want to do this and you want to go the full risk. Like nowadays it is less difficult, way more of a professional business lets say and it’s way more: accepted, colourized, and present. Like back-in-the-days, when we started, it was very more of a niche thing. But still, you have to be 100% sure that you want to do this and you want to live this lifestyle and you know: it’s all about the travelling thing, working through the nights, you get up early in the morning again and you fly again… all this stuff so you HAVE to be 100% sure. There’s nothing really to do in science you know, you’ll have to do it 100%… 150%.

You mentioned the touring life as well. There’s been a lot of awareness going on at the moment as well about the pitfalls of the touring life for a DJ, how the life comes with sleepless nights, people partying around you all the time. How do you find the balance?

First of all, when you do this for some time, you develop certain ways/standards of travelling, standards of handling your daily life. We do a lot of sports. We have certain techniques, we always sleep big you know. When we are in another time zone, we always try to stay in our own time zone and stuff like that; like little things you can adjust can be used to get along with the whole stress.

How was your summer this year? How did you find it?

The summer? The summer was really intense because we had all for us gone to Ibiza, usually the weekends. But I think we had a great summer so far, we really can’t express with words; really nice parties and yeah… for us, it was a really good summer season I would say…

One thing I wanted to ask you in particular was Amnesia, the HYTE Residency: how was that for you?

It was really cool for us because one-and-all, we played twelve shows, I think twelve HYTE shows; four on the Terrence, one of the Terrence was an all-night-long and it was epic for us. For a long time (this was a) big step again in our music career to do that because… like the Terrence that we like judging you how you play and …… But in the end we had so much fun, they give us such a good feeling to play there and to play all-night-long there, so yeah… all-and-all, it was a really good HTYE season.

So do you reckon you’ll be back there next year?

Yeah if you like… I think we will also will be back next year for HYTE. Yeah, (we recovering on something). The season just finished so we’re gonna have our big meeting with the guys from HYTE, and then we are going to talk about the next season but we definitely going to do this again and we’re defiantly going to play for HYTE again.

Finally on HYTE, what it is that you think it makes it stand out from other nights that happen at Amnesia?

First of all, they try out a lot of new stuff. They had “Caribou” playing at the Terrence like a live concert basically. They changed the DJ Booth on the Terrence and stuff like that; so they are really into tying out new things. The amount of DJ’s and the mixture of each of the variety of DJ’s they bring is something really comfortable for us because they’re friends of they and us comes from the same (more-or-less) agency. So yeah, we really like working with them and the way new things they bring, I think that’s kind of also the point of success. I think the trademark is it’s not only one DJ that did the whole HTYE thing, that’s why you have (like) several residencies and then all of us collaborations for something huge for other crowds, so I think it’s best/biggest thing that they have, the difference from the other ones.

So moving on, let’s chat about the warehouse project. You were in Manchester this weekend just gone for the Halloween Party. What do you think about Manchester, a place for parties?

Manchester is a wild place, that’s for sure! For me or for us, that’s how we see the resining mostly, so kind of original you know. It’s underground, it’s wide, it’s enthusiastic, and it’s dirty… I mean dirty in a good way! We always enjoy playing in Manchester (you know) and especially for Halloween; I mean we played from midnight ‘till two I think? So you could see (like) people were already (kind of) raved-out a bit because they’ve been on the floor for (a couple of) hours already.
I think people are still into it and yeah… it’s always fun (we love it there).

What did you think of the decorations as well? It looked cool in there right?

It was dope! Like more-or-less typical a row of decorations and we played actually the day after the Barcelona for a while. We love to play for them because you know it’s going to be a pretty party.

When are you back in Manchester? Is there anything planned?
Do you have any more dates in Manchester?

Actually let me check… definitely next year but we didn’t really see our calendar for next year yet so… yeah, something’s planned for Manchester!

Best thing to do: what is your online social for people to check out and keep up-to-date with your tour schedule?

The best is to check it out on Facebook basically and… Instagram., you can check that too.

And finally, what are you plans for the winter? Are you going to have some chill-time, are you going to see the family or… how does it work?

Generally, we have 5 weeks off. We have some holidays, spend time with the family. But like we said earlier, our time generally.

Okay guys I wish you the best of it all and enjoy the break. Thanks for taking your time-out today for chatting to us and it’s much appreciated.

All right, thank you very much! Appreciated from us also too, thank you very much.

Check out Pan Pot on Facebook and Twitter.


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