Children of Zeus talk ‘Balance’ Album, Creative Process & Touring! Interview W/ Maya Dasilva

Children of Zeus talk ‘Balance’ Album, Creative Process & Touring!
Interview W/ Maya Dasilva

Manchester Soul/Hip Hop duo, Children of Zeus called Into the Unity Radio Studio to speak with Maya Dasilva all about the new ‘Balance’ Album that is out now on all streaming platforms. Tyler Daley & Konny Kon go on to discuss the creative process behind the music, explanning they used lockdown as an opportunity to make new music.

Konny Kon said: “I’d say about 85% was made in the last year. Pre lockdown we were just touring so we didn’t make a lot of music. So most of it was written in the last year.”

When talking about how they make their music, Tyler Daley said: “90% of what we do is all our self, down to the production, the writing, the mixing, everything apart from mastering is literally just in one room.”

After playing seated & socially distanced gigs this year and last, Children of Zeus are looking forward to touring the new ‘Balance’ album with hopefully no Covid restrictions and of course Manchester is on their list.

Konny Kon said: “The dates will be announced real soon, but with all these things no one knows what’s happening.”

He then went on to add: “We’ve done a few gigs over the last few months, we did two in London a couple of weeks ago and a few in November and they were all seated gigs so it was a bit different. We just want to get back to normal like everyone hugging each other, crying, singing and smiling.”

Written by Courtney Davies. (Instagram @courtneyxdavies)

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