Cotton On MCR joins the Breakfast Show to talk about Manchester’s art scene!!

Domino, the director of Cotton On MCR, joined us for an interview on the Breakfast Show this morning! We spoke about Manchester’s creative and art scene, how art can enrich your life, setting up your own business and more!!

Cotton On MCR is your one-stop shop for all things ‘art’ in Manchester. On the website you’ll find exhibition reviews, event listings, the ‘Manc of the Month,’ and a shop with everything from original artwork and sculptures to homeware and accessories!

With big things in the pipeline, we were thrilled to have Domino in and are extremely excited to see what Cotton On MCR gets up to in the new year!

You can find Cotton On MCR’s website here:
You can also follow Domino on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using the handle @cottononmcr

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