The real sound of the city

Making Ibiza is a series of Live FM radio shows broadcast from different locations in Ibiza with people who work in Ibiza from the world of Business, Culture and Wellbeing

Ever wondered what is the magic of Ibiza?

Making Ibiza meets the people from behind the scenes who make Ibiza happen discovering what Ibiza means to them, who they are, what they do

Making Ibiza gives you latest news of where to visit, stay and enjoy your time in Ibiza because time is all you have.

In association with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Produced by @unityradiofm @the_logros @voidmatter

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Andy Mckay – Founder of Ibiza Rocks

Juan Marí – Founder of Las Dalias

Charlie Chester – Founder of Essential Ibiza

Marc Rahola – Founder of OD Group

Diego Calvo – Founder of Concept Hotel Group

Antonio D’Ambrosio – Founder of Trattoria Del Mar